Facebook Marketplace | Is It Going Down or Growing?

facebook marketplace
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If you are in a diploma whether the Facebook marketplace is down or growing, then you have come to the right place to understand everything about the Facebook marketplace.

Before let you tell you the fact, the Facebook marketplace is still in the beta version. Now you must be wondering if the beta version?

Everything about the Facebook marketplace.

Let’s understand, what is a beta version?

Beta Version is a terminology in the software application, it means the application is still in developing condition, it’s not the final version. The full version is yet to come in the future.

Why Facebook launches the marketplace in the Beta version?

Usually, the software application owner launches the beta version to understand the user experience and let the people test the app, and then provide feedback to the software developer.

Now you have understood Facebook marketplace is not the full version, it is still in the beta version.

Overview of Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace was launched in the year 2016 in few countries includes Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States. And later in the years, it is expanding globally, now Indians can also use the Facebook market to connect products to people.

The intention behind the marketplace is to Connect your products to people where they shop, Inspire and engage shoppers through visual merchandising, and Seamlessly transact with consumers on mobile.

Facebook acquired a large seller audience in the USA with over more than 800 million sellers using the marketplace to sell their goods. As per the Facebook statistics 1 in 3 people buying products from the marketplace. Which is a good sign of success to both sellers and customers. Overall marketplace is working great in the United States.

To grow globally, the marketplace needs time but one day definitely you will find the FB marketplace on the top eCommerce list.

So it’s not late to start selling or buying goods from the FB Marketplace.

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Benefits of Facebook Marketplace for sellers

  1. Easy to start selling.
  2. It’s Free.
  3. The marketplace is for everyone, anybody can use it.
  4. Post Jobs 
  5. Create discount includes marketplace suggestions.
  6. Represents your brand
  7. Create a Facebook shop for free.
  8. Share your products with your friends through your timeline, friends timeline, or messenger.
  9. Share your product or shop link through SMS and other messaging apps or email.
  10. Mark an item as sold.
  11. There are 19 categories for product listing. You can sell almost every product. Categories include:
    1. Apparels
    2. Electronics
    3. Entertainment
    4. Family
    5. Home Goods
    6. House Improvement supplies
    7. Home Sales
    8. Garden and outdoor
    9. Rental properties
    10. Vehicles
    11. Music instruments
    12. Free stuff
    13. Sporting Goods
    14. Toys & Games
    15. Pet supplies
    16. Office supplies
    17. Hobbies
    18. Groups and
    19. Classified.
  12. Use listing partners to get your products on the marketplace. Listing Partner includes:
    1. Big e-commerce
    2. Shopify
    3. Channeladvisor
    4. DataCaciques
    5. Quipt
    6. Salsify
    7. Zentail
  13. You can choose marketplace connector on behalf of listing partners among:
    1. adMixt
    2. CedCommerce
    3. CommerceHub
    4. Feedonomics

As per the studies, it found that the Facebook marketplace is not down. It is growing exponentially in the last few years though full features are available in limited countries. It is working great in the United State location as per the Facebook news.

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If you are looking to sell goods online or want to become a seller on an e-commerce platform then the marketplace is the best option to choose. You can connect with the customer from your fingertips, no listing fee is required to explore the marketplace. 

So, without thinking is the Facebook marketplace down or growing. We recommend you try your selling on this marketplace and see your growth in terms of sales, brand awareness, etc.

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