Different Types of Instagram Accounts [Explained]

Types of Instagram accounts

Do you know you can choose from two different types of Instagram accounts to connect with your favorite stars, friends, fans, buyers, sellers, and so on?

Now you might be in a hurry to know what are these types of Instagram accounts and Which type you actually require to create? 

Here we will quickly introduce Instagram account, types of Instagram accounts, and their benefits.

Instagram account

Instagram owned by Facebook launched an Instagram application in 2010 with a mission bringing people close together from all parts of the world.

It allows user to create an account to connect with what you love. You can connect to your favorite celebrities, influencers, businesses, and with everything you love

When it comes to what we love, we want everything which is essential and needful to run daily life. Since it is everything Instagram apps allow to different the Instagram accounts between public figures, content producers, artists, influencers local businesses, brands, organizations, service providers, and many more.

Let’s know what are all types of Instagram accounts you can create to different your account from others.

Types of Instagram accounts

When it comes to types of accounts, all the basic features are the same in all the accounts it only differs with additional features to know how well your Instagram account is growing within the Instagram account.

There are 2 types of accounts available to choose which type of account you should create based on the purpose you have. It might be for personal use, or to gain popularity on the internet world, or to connect with your followers or fans, or to promote your businesses.

  1. Personal account.
  2. Professional account: Professional Instagram account is categorized into two types. There are:
    1. Creator
    2. Business

Difference between personal, and professional account is both the accounts has all the basic feature but the professional account has additional features to analyze your work and performance of your Instagram profile.

Personal account

When you create an Instagram account for the first time, a personal profile will be created by default.

If you want to use Instagram just for connecting with your friends, family and sharing whatever you like then you can stick to a personal account. It has all the basic features required to connect with what you love. But it is limited in features like it does not give you the metrics and data to analyze your performance.


  • It has all basic feature to connect with what you love and share whatever you like by sharing a post on the feed, stories, and IGTV
  • Setup your account to private or public based on your convenience.
  • You can link your Instagram account with your Facebook account.
  • Link multiple Facebook pages to your Instagram account.
  • Create live videos.
  • Edit and add a link in your bio.
  • You have an access to confirm follow request when you receive a request.


  • Do not have access to metrics and data to see how well your Instagram profile is performing.
  • Cannot analyze the posts, stories to improve your performance.
  • Cannot add a contact button like call or email buttons or address button to your profile.

Professional account

As the name indicates this is account is for professional use for people who are artists, Musician/band, Blogger, Digital Creator, Writer, Gamer, Entrepreneur, Restaurant, Photographer, etc.

If you want to use Instagram for your profession then you need to choose a professional account instead of a personal account.

The professional account is categorized in two categories.

  1. Creator account 
  2. Business account 
Creator account:

Instagram introduced creator-account for the people who want to connect with the world with their profession.

This account is categorized into numerous categories. You can find your area of the profession under multiple cateries listed like public figures, content producers, artists, influencers, Journalists, Entrepreneurs, Photographer, etc.

Business account:

Nowadays social media platform’s mission is also to connect with businesses you like. So to different business people from personal and creator account, Instagram introduced business account.

This account is suitable for local businesses, brands, organizations, and service providers.

The pros and cons of the Creator and business account features are the same in both the account. It only differs in segmentation.

Let’s quickly know the pros and cons of a professional account.


  • It has all features to connect with everything and share whatever you like by sharing the post on the feed, creating stories, and reels.
  • You get access to tools like insight about your followers and account performance, new contact option, and more
  • Get an insight into your followers and see how your posts are performing
  • Create promotions on Instagram to help reach more people and build your community
  • Add a contact button like your call button, email button to your profile to make it easier for people to get in touch with you.
  • No need to accept follow request, all follow requests will be automatically approved.


Creator account is public, user cannot set it to private.

You can connect to one Facebook page not more than one like a personal account.

Final Note

Types of Instagram accounts are introduced to differentiate types of the public between personal, creator, and business. So that one can easily connect with what they love.

These types of Instagram accounts are beneficial to all Instagram community users. Even with business and creator, you can follow your favorite stars, Influencers with just a follow click button.

Now you have understood what are these types of Instagram accounts and their pros & cons to quickly decide which account you should hold based on the purpose you have.

There are more than 1 billion people who use Instagram daily and it is growing rapidly. Mainly it is beneficial to professionals to increase their awareness within the Instagram community and on the internet world.

If you are a professional then you must switch to a professional account from a personal account to win the benefits of an Instagram professional account. It gives you every data which is required to improve your brand because more than 90% of people on Instagram connect to the professional account and as per the Instagram statistics 2 in 3 people visits professional profile

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