How To Rest LG smart TV to Factory Settings?

Reset LG Smart TV to Factory Settings
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In this post, I am going to tell you How to reset your LG Smart TV to Factory settings step-by-step Guide. LG Smart TV is a revolution in the smart tv era.

There are plenty of Smart TVs available on the market right now but the quality of LG is super amazing along with that you can buy LG Smart TVs as per your desired size. 

You get clear crystal picture quality on LG TVs. But sometimes we change some settings, therefore TV doesn’t work in the same way where it was working in new conditions.

There is Two Reset Option available for resetting the LG Smart TV. 

  • Hard Reset 
  • Soft Reset. 

In this article, I will share both the Hard Reset LG TV and Soft Reset LG TV processes. 

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What is the difference between Hard Reset & Soft Reset?

The main difference between Hard Reset And Soft Reset is when you do a hard reset you have to do work with hardware or make changes in hardware, where soft reset means you can change settings by your remote only. 

Press the Menu or power or setting button for 10 seconds. It will change the basic settings like audio and picture quality or any customized colors to the default color, but it will not bring your TV in factory mode. 

But in a hard reset, you have to follow the proper steps, and it will change every change you made by yourself and bring your LG Tv in factory mode. 

What Is The Meaning Of Hard Reset Your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings?

Some of you will be confused about Hard Reset Words. Don’t worry I am here to help you in-depth. Doing hard resetting your LG Smart TV will bring your tv in the mode of a brand new tv.

Like when you had bought tv the very first time, it was not settled at all so you had to do all the basic steps by yourself. Right?

So if you Hard Reset your TV it will bring your tv in the same condition as brand new. 

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Why Do We Need To Do A Hard Reset?

The reasons may be many like you changed the language and now you are not able to read it so hard reset will help you or any other custom settings you changed intentionally or unintentionally. 

And want it to the normal setting, then a hard reset is an option you can use.

How to hard reset your LG Smart TV?

How to hard reset your LG Smart TV

Follow the simple steps for doing hard resetting your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings.

  1. Simply Turn on the LG TV
  2. Go to the TV menu options by pressing the home button on the remote. 
  3. Click on Settings and find the General Option
  4. Drop down the menu until you find Reset to the initial Settings option
  5. Once you click on it you may get an alert message saying Confirm Reset on the screen.
  6. Simply click on Ok
  7. It will ask for your TV password. You have to type the password for proceeding.
  8. If you haven’t change the password then type default password is (0000)
  9. If you changed the password then type the changed password.
  10. Click on the Confirm Reset option again.
  11. It will take some time and will restart your LG TV automatically. 
  12. Once the Hard reset is completed.
  13. All the setup you have to do again as you did earlier. 

Follow the simple steps for doing soft resetting your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings.

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How to Soft reset your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings:

  1. Hold the OK button for 10 seconds on your TV remote.
  2. It will start processing to reset.
  3. Hold the Menu button on the remote and it will ask for a password. 
  4. Type the password and tap on the ok button. 
  5. Once the process will be done you have successfully done it. 

I am sure after reading this article some questions will come to mind. So I have picked some of the common questions in the FAQs

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Does LG TV have a reset button?

Answer: No, there is not any dedicated button available on LG TV remote but You get the OK button on the remote by pressing it for 10 seconds will help you to do a soft reset. 

Can I Reset My LG TV Without Remote?

Answer: There are slight chances by pressing the power button on the TV for 10 seconds, you get the option. You can try from there. 

Will it damage my TV if I hard reset my LG TV?

Answer: No, It will not damage your TV at all. This function is provided by companies only so it’s available for doing this.

How to reboot my LG Smart Tv?

Rebooting or hard reseting LG TV, the procdure is same. So take a look at above steps again.

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There are two types of reset functions available for resetting the LG Smart TV. 

In this article, I told you the difference between the hard reset and soft reset along with that I showed you practically step by step How to hard reset your LG Smart TV to Factory settings and How to soft reset your LG smart TV to factory settings.

I hope you like the article, if you have any questions regarding this you can leave me a comment below in the comment section. 

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