Make Free Phone Calls From Computer [ Windows & Mac]

This post is all about making phone calls from computer and receiving them via desktop and laptop. So, you can easily call someone while using your Desktop/ Laptop.

If you are also working from home and having issues attending to important calls due to work pressure, so you can easily connect your phone to your Laptop/Desktop to receive calls and messages to your system. Look at this Guide “How To Make Phone Calls From Computer?”

Sometimes network creates issues, so we are unable to work properly. We can only do work from a home job when you have a good internet connection.

Most of us are not aware of these tricks, so here you will get to know about the tricks to make phone calls with your system. There are some ways to make phone calls from your Desktop or Laptop.

Below I will share a step-by-step guide about this.

Why Do You Need To Make Calls From a Computer?

Well, there may be multiple reasons behind it. If you stay away from your family and at the same time, it’s not quite comfortable to call from mobile while working, so you can use this method, as you also have to give time to your family too.

In this pandemic work from home is at its peak, so carrying your phone or keeping it on the desk is really irritating you can try this, so that, you can work and call from the same device, and you don’t need to depend on two devices at a time. Why don’t we try it, as we also need a solution?

Devices That will help you to make a call Through Your Computer

For Making Calls From Your Computer Needs You Some Devices. 

Of course, if you want to make calls from your computer then you need some hardware for that but trust me these are the common devices that are normally available at the home or office for any computer user.

1. Headphone:

First of all, you will need a Headphone, so that you can make calls without getting disturbed. Generally, most headphones have a mic option, but some headphones have no mic in them so, make sure you are having a mic option.

If you have older headphones then check if the Mic and speaker are working properly or not.

2. Good Internet Connection:

You will need a good speed internet connection. Why am I saying this? Because most of the problems occurred due to slow internet speed. So make sure you have a high-speed internet connection. If the speed of your internet is not that good, you will have to face glitches between calls.

3. A Computer or Laptop

The next thing that is required is a computer or laptop. It doesn’t matter what computer you use, it may be Mac, Windows, iMac, or any other brand because here computer or laptop is a requirement.

If you are a college student then check out the best deals on laptops for students.

After arranging the things you need software for, which I will tell below in this article.

Prerequisite: Check Speaker And Mic Are Working Fine

In Windows:

  • Turn on the computer
  • Plugin your Headphone and Mic jack into the computer port
  • Click on Start Menu or simply go to the sound option (Generally get to bottom of the right side)
  • In the sound, option make sure plugin devices are selected.
  • Click on Test your Microphone by listening and speaking. 
  • If you can listen properly it means your Speaker working fine and the speaking option working means your mic working fine. 

In iOS:

  • Open The macOS
  • Plug your Headphone into the input jack of your device
  • Open The Apple Menu
  • System Preferences
  • Select the inserted device.
  • You can check the speaker and mic from there.

Once all the settings are done it means your headphone is working perfectly, now you will need software that will help you to make calls on a computer or laptop.

Make Phone Calls From your Computer/Laptop/Desktop Easily

For Window Users:

If you want to make calls from your computer then connect your computer to your phone via Bluetooth and you should have android 7 or newer.

Follow the given steps :

  • Make sure you are signed in to Microsoft by Email ID.
  • Go to the search bar and type “Your Phone”
  • Once you open the phone app, it will ask if you have an android or iPhone.
  • Choose accordingly
  • Enter the phone number and click on send
  • Microsoft will send you a link
  • Go to your phone and open the text, where you will find an app downloading link, download the app and install
  • Once you open the text it will ask for to scan the QR code
  • Simply scan the QR code which is given on your computer. 
  • It will ask for permission just allow everything
  • Now your phone will show on your computer. 
  • At the bottom, you get the option “Call”
  • Click on that once everything will be set up. 
  • You can see the recent calls on the dialer screen. 

For Mac Users:

If you want to make calls from your Mac computer then connect your computer to your phone.

  • Make sure you are signed in with the same id on both your devices your iPhone and your Mac.
  • Open your Facetime on your Mac computer
  • Go to Preferences in the face time
  • Make sure you are connected with the same id
  • Make sure to check the option “iPhone cellular calls”
  • Types your phone number instead of apple id in the section of “start new calls from”
  • Once you are done with the below, setups close the preferences window. 
  • Congratulations. You are done !! 
  • You can make calls from your MAC PC by simply typing the number or searching from the contact lists.

Call via Google Voice

You can easily call someone via Google Voice by following the instructions.

  1. Access to Google Voice
  2. On the call tab, select the contact to whom you want to call, and click on Call.
  3. You will also get more options like call, message, or voicemail, choose the one whichever you want.

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Some of us really want to make calls from the computer during our working hours and also want to give some time to the special person in our life. So there are simple ways to do it on your windows computer and iOS computer. You can simply make a call whenever you need.

All you have to do is some steps. So here in this article, I shared with you step by step process about How To Make Phone Calls From Your Desktop/Laptop with the help of them you can easily make calls from your computer and get connected to people.

If you do like this article, don’t forget to share it with your loved one. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave me a comment below. 

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