The Best 6 Apps for Monitoring Text Messages

Text Message Spying Apps

As technology advances, it has become easier to communicate with others through various messaging apps, including text messages. However, sometimes you may feel the need to keep track of someone’s text messages, such as your children or employees, for safety or monitoring purposes. This is where text message spying apps come in handy. With these apps, you can easily monitor the text messages sent and received on someone else’s phone without them knowing.

In this article, we will be discussing the top six text message spying apps that can help you read other people’s text messages. These apps work by giving a user access to all incoming and outgoing text messages, storing all message data, and enabling a user to view conversations as they were texting someone on a target phone.

Users can track the location of the target phone every time. Most spy apps have mobile monitoring messages as well, and some even offer alerts for new messages or particular keywords.

Spying on a Phone

These apps are not free so if you need any of them you have to take a subscription for that but trust me these apps work perfectly. 

Even the target person can’t even understand if someone is spying on him/her. There are many android Spy Apps that you can use easily for many purposes . Now, Let’s take a look at what are these tracking apps and how they work.

What Are Spying Apps And How Do They Work

These apps are so popular for tracking someone’s activities on your phone. These are mobile applications.

These kinds of apps allow you to track all the activities like Incoming messages, and outgoing messages even on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram messages they can track. 

The only thing to consider before going with anyone is the apps you first need to check if this app is compatible with your device or not. 

So without any further delay let’s jump into these text message-spying apps.

Top 6 Text Message Spying Apps

There are tons of apps available on the market for reading others’ text messages on your phone without knowing them.

But you may be thinking now “what is the best free app to spy on text messages?”

It can be difficult for you to decide which app is good and will fulfill your requirements so we found some of the best apps as per the market survey, and people’s opinions so you can consider these apps. 

mSpy – Text Message Spying Apps

mSpy message Spying app

mSpy is the most popular app to spy on text messages and the best parental control app as well. This app is filled with a lot of capabilities and can display messages on both iPhone and Android devices.

You can spy on social media messages such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and More. Even on iPhones, it can spy the encrypted iMessage. There are two main features that are useful to stand mSpy above the competition.

The First feature is searching on browsers’ history and social media messages, and the second one is it can also record the screen of your device. This helps users to monitor a phone’s activity in real time. In this way, users can watch how long a message took time to type.

You can easily track anyone’s messages on your phone without letting them know. There are plenty of amazing features available on this app.

You can read target person messages, media files, and GPS online as well so you need to install the app.  mSpy comes in your budget, the annual plan at $139.92 per year for an iPhone or android phone. It’s the one-month plan at $48.99. This app includes a 14-day money-back guarantee for all users.


  • Read iMessage and social media messaging.
  • Can access normal text messages along with that social media messages. 
  • Comfortable user interface.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • You can’t find the price without signing in

XNSPY – Text Message Spying Apps

XNSPY message tracking app

XNSpy is another popular app for iOS and android message tracking with location-tracking features and more. Users are able to see all text messages. Not only this, users can set up keyword and phrase-based alerts.

This saves users from the hassle of reading through every message and instead enables them to focus on only the message that can contain concerning content.

You can set the selected person in the list so that wherever they try to send or contact the person you get an alert on your phone. So it is convenient for the user to monitor the activities. 

This app backs up its text message spy tools with 24/7 customer support, available by email and live chat.


  • Available For an Affordable price.
  • Email and social media message monitoring.
  • all-time live chat support.
  • Taking Screenshot option available within the app
  • Business owners can track their users whether they are working or using social media.


  • This app is available for both iOS and Android but iOS users can’t get some features
  • No Live call center support
  • Not supported screen recording.

TrackMyFone – Text Message Spying Apps

As you can understand the features of the app by just listening to the name of the app. The interface of the app is super user-friendly. A new user can understand this app for the first time. 

Of Course, you can track all the messages which were received and sent from the target phone.

The best thing about this app is you can remotely lock and unlock the form. So if you find something suspecting you can directly lock the phone on a timely basis.


  • Live GPS location
  • Messages, social media apps tracking, file managers access.
  • Call logs tracking
  • Remotely lock and unlock


  • Too Costly
  • Customer support doesn’t work

Spyzie – Text Message Spying Apps

Spyzie app

One of the best Text Message Spying Apps is Spyzie which comes with an amazing feature in the app. Where you can remotely read the message which was received on various platforms. 

You can get the call log details to understand which number is called and dialed from the phone. 

You can access all the details online in the browser so you don’t need to install the app on your phone. 


  • Affordable price plans
  • No need to install the app on a phone, you can use it online
  • Chat of various platforms accessible


  • Customer support is very bad
  • Sometimes gives you fake data


The Spyera app has all the required features on this. Simply login into your browser with the login ID and password you select the target person’s phone. 

You can get all the details without doing any special. This app is super valuable for the person who is willing to spy on someone’s phone and wants to access all the details.


  • Free app updates
  • Track With particular numbers.


  • Reviews are very bad
  • Don’t provide the exact data
  • Many features don’t work as they promise
  • Can’t get easily refunded


iKeyMoniter app

iKeymoniter is a great app with a user-friendly interface. You can easily track any messages which are received or sent from any apps which are installed on the mobile. Users could read all incoming, and outgoing messages, and view contact, and calendar events as well.

You can take a screenshot and save it for further recording. Along with messages you can track Call Logs and file managers, GPS, and many more. But it doesn’t offer Social media monitoring apps for free. The app supports monitoring a huge range of messaging apps, including Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

But this requires a premium plan and also adds a keystroke logger, email monitoring, and screenshot capture.


  • It is fully supportable with android and iOS
  • It can be installed on the target person’s mobile without letting them know. 
  • Screenshot option available 
  • Free plan available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It’s not a free app if you get it free then you will not be able to get all the features.
  • Customer support is not quite good.
  • No discount for the premium plan.

Message Spying Apps Installation

Apps Installation Process

Here is the process to install the apps to read other people’s text. The process of installing all apps will be the same so here I can tell you the steps. 

  • Simply visit the website and take the subscription
  • After buying the app log in with your ID & Password
  • Download the app and install it on the target user’s phone. 
  • Follow the basic steps for installing the app
  • Now login with your id password
  • All done now you can access the all details of the target persons on your phone.

Reasons to Avoid Using Free Apps for Tracking Text Messages

There are several reasons why you should be cautious about using free apps to track text messages:

  1. Privacy concerns: Free apps often make money by collecting user data and selling it to third-party advertisers. This means that your personal information, including your text messages, could be vulnerable to data breaches and misuse.
  2. Limited features: Free apps may not have all the features that you need to effectively track text messages. Paid apps are usually more comprehensive and offer a wider range of tracking options, including real-time location tracking and social media monitoring.
  3. Poor quality: Free apps may not be as reliable as paid apps, and may be more prone to bugs and glitches. This can lead to inaccurate or incomplete tracking data.
  4. Legal issues: Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to track someone’s text messages without their consent. Free apps may not provide the legal protection or user consent features necessary to avoid legal trouble.

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Q: What are text message spying apps?

A: Text message spying apps are software programs designed to track and monitor the text messages on a particular mobile device.

Q: Why would someone use a text message spying app?

A: There are several reasons why someone might use a text message spying app, including concerns about their partner’s fidelity, monitoring their child’s phone usage, or monitoring employee communications.

Q: Are text message spying apps legal?

A: The legality of using text message spying apps varies by country and jurisdiction. It is important to research the laws in your area before using any such app.

Q: What are the top text message spying apps?

A: The top six text message spying apps include mSpy, FlexiSPY, Highster Mobile, SpyBubble, Spyera, and Mobile Spy.


This article explained about the best text message spy apps that create simple to discreetly monitor a spouse’s, child’s, or employee’s conversations. In these apps, I suggest mSpy as the overall best text spy app to support a huge range of social messaging apps, a built-in keyboard logger, and a screen recording tool.

However, I urge everyone to respect other people’s privacy and use technology in a responsible and ethical way. Let us all use our devices and applications to promote communication, understanding, and harmony in our personal and professional lives, rather than invading the privacy of others.

If you have any queries related to the message Spying app then ask in the comment section. Also, tell me which app is appreciated by you.

Thank you for reading this article.

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