How To Get Sponsored On Instagram?

Today’s Instagram is the most used social media site around the world. Instagram has 2 Billion+ active users around the world and it is the best platform to showcase your brand or products to the world.

If you have a large number of followers and an engaged audience then getting sponsored on Instagram is a great way to monetize your account. There are many benefits of sponsorship but the main purpose is earning money. Influencers with a large following can earn a significant amount of money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and other collaborations.

Earlier brands only target people who have millions of followers or some well-known face for sponsorship but now the time has changed. If you have less number of followers but have an engaging audience then you can get sponsorship from the companies.

So, now any account can get sponsored by Instagram if they have at least 1k followers and a well-engaged audience. Companies also target micro-influencers because they do interact more with their followers and charge less compared to big influencers.

Questions to be answered to get sponsored on Instagram

To get sponsored on Instagram and be an influencer we need to know the answers to these 3 questions:

  • What brands are looking for in an influencer?
  • How do influencers manage their Instagram page?
  • What to do to find a sponsor for your brand?

What brands are looking for in an influencer?

High engagement rate with your followers

One of the most important reasons that brands do go for micro-influencers is that their engagement rate is more than that of popular influencers. They are more connected with their followers and know what they want.

To all those who want to get sponsored on Instagram, their post must connect with their followers’ feelings. As when the followers feel connected they show interest in the product or services you are branding for. And that is all that brands want. Your followers can feel connected to your post because of any reason like age, location, gender, or any other similar interest.

The followers will be able to connect with you more when you explain the brand to the followers and tell them how it is useful for them. And if you can do that successfully every brand will be ready to work with you.

Consistent posting of your content

You cannot get anything in this world if you are not ready to work for it consistently. Posting regularly on your Instagram page makes your followers trust you more. It keeps them engaged and lets you know their reaction to it. And you need to be productive if you want to post regularly.

Posting regularly doesn’t mean that it should affect the quality of your content. Pure content quality should be high so that followers can attract and don’t think of your page as some worthless shit.

If you want help planning your regular post on Instagram you can take the help of an app that allows you to schedule content. And if you want to become an influencer then you need to make the most out of it which means not only do you have to post to put stories, photos, videos, blog posts, etc.

Have unique ways to interact and attract more people

Most people are trying to be an influencer and earn on Instagram. But it is not that easy to post regularly, take the brand name, include hashtags, etc. No one follows a page to which they do not connect.

And it is most important to build your community and keep attracting more people to your community if you want to be a successful influencer on Instagram.

Only something unique can do that. No one will go and follow one more regular account. People are looking for more and that’s what they want. To make sure that your Instagram page has its uniqueness to which its community can connect too.

Promote the brand in every way possible to get sponsored on Instagram

Promote brands

Brand sponsors the influencers so that the brand can be more famous and trusted by more consumers. Brand sponsor so it can directly benefit them. Anyone who is trying to be an answer should make sure that they are promoting the brand enough.

You can tag the brand, put stories including the brand products or services, post regularly and promote the brand, use hashtags, create contests, and many more.

How do influencers manage their Instagram page?

Use hashtags and geotags

Using a hashtag, or any location tag makes your post more visible on Instagram. But you must use proper hashtags. According to research, it is found that even if you use one hashtag you will get up to 12.6 percent more engagement than other posts.

Using tags categorizes your content and makes it more discoverable. You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post. You should create a good combination of around 11 Hashtags where the hashtags are not too long and not too common. Common hashtags make it even harder to locate your photo or post.

When you use a geotag on your Instagram post it shares the location of the post. Whenever anyone would like to search for that location your post will appear if you have used geotags. Geotags are helpful if you want your business to be famous locally. As people know about your local brand, it will be easier to find your profile.

Tag brands in the posts

If you tag the brand in your post it will notify the brand that you have posted something and tagged them in it. If your post is liked by the brand page, it will be visible to all of its followers. Eventually will catch a lot of attraction and followers.

This will make your page popular and in certain cases, brands repost your post as their story. Make sure that you tag them in good photos as they are going to be your identity in the future.

Put contact information in your Insta bio

If you share your contact information in your Instagram Bio sometimes it is a signal to the brand that you are interested and becoming an influencer. It could be anything like your email website. Your Bio should be something that tells about you and attracts what you want.

You should include things that will let the brands know that you are ready to collaborate with them. And if you provide contact information on your Bio you become more accessible to your followers.

Use engaging captions

Sometimes a caption is as important as your post. If you put a good caption it can start communication in the comment section which will be very good if influencers will be able to engage and connect with their followers. And include tags after your comment.

Response to comments on your post

The comments section is very important to you if you want to interact in advance to build a community with your followers so make sure that you always reply to the comments of your post

What to do to get sponsored for your Instagram?

Find brands to get sponsored on Instagram

First, you need to find brands that can sponsor you to be an influencer. So you can either search brands manually by your choice or choose an Instagram sponsorship application to do that for you. Several applications allow influencers and marketers to interact with each other. When you sign up as an influencer on search apps people on social media platforms or marketers start noticing you.

So it will be easier for you to collaborate with them in the future. Applications like these give you a chance to collaborate with your favorite brands and get paid sponsorship deals by just using your mobile phone.

Communicate to the brand

The next thing after choosing your favorite brand is to communicate with them and tell them what you are offering them. In most cases, you have to pitch your idea to the brand to get a genuine sponsorship.

Present your pitch

To present a pitch you must communicate to the brand. You have to try various methods to communicate with the brand until you succeed. These ways could be email, direct message, LinkedIn, influencer marketplaces, or some events.

The way you communicate and what you show in that message is very important as on that basis only a brand will choose you. So make sure that your pitch is something brands can get attracted to.

Offer a package to the brand to get sponsored on Instagram

Certainly, nowadays all the brands are interested in what influences offer to them. If you want to get sponsored by a brand on Instagram you need to offer something a brand would love to accept.

For example, a package could be like 2 or 3 posts every week related to the brand that has full rights to reshare, link in bio for some days, a story every single day, sharing your Instagram post on other social media platforms, etc.


With a minimum of 1k followers and a good engagement rate, your account can get sponsorship.

You must carefully manage your Instagram profile and ensure that it is visually appealing. The next step is to simply select a brand for yourself and explain what you are willing to provide and how it will benefit them. You will be sponsored by a brand on Instagram if they are pleased. If not, select a different brand and proceed as before.

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