How To Get Netflix For Free with T-Mobile

Get Netflix For Free with T-Mobile

You can get Netflix for free with T-Mobile by signing up for the Magenta plan. If you are a T-Mobile user then you have something special for its new subscriber.

It will give you a free Netflix subscription so you can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and streaming of thousands of Netflix content and shows.

Nowadays in the United States, there are plenty of great plans available. T-Mobile has three subscription plans with 5 line options.

Let’s know how to get free Netflix on your T-Mobile and the activation process to stream.

How To Get Free Netflix With T-Mobile

You can get your Netflix subscription for free from your T-Mobile. The whole process is as easy as a piece of cake.

All you need to do is register for a qualifying plan that includes taxes and fees. But you will have to make sure that you have the correct number of lines on your account.

Ensure that you have one line or two lines depending on which Netflix plan you are looking for. After the setup with a T-Mobile just follow the given steps.

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Which plans are Eligible for T-Mobile Plans

This is the main thing that you need to think about which plan is suitable for you and which is the correct plan from T-Mobile.

If you are using T-Mobile then you can’t sign up for any tier of the streaming services or not all the plans are eligible for T-Mobile.

You will have to select from T-Mobile Magenta or Magenta max plans. If you are going for the basic magenta option with two lines then you will be eligible for a free Netflix Basic Plan at $8.99.

Netflix offers support for streaming on one screen at a time and gives you standard quality. If this is not wanted then you can sign up for another Netflix plan, and T-Mobile covers $8.99 of the cost.

If you can spend a little more money on Magenta Max then it gives you more features. You will need only one line on your plan to sign up for Netflix Basic, or two lines will give you access to Netflix Standard.

The standard plan bumps you to two screens at high resolution at $13.99. if it’s not enough for you, you can upgrade to Netflix Premium and T-Mobile which will cover $13.99.

However, the other plans are ineligible for Netflix through T-Mobile.

  • Single-line One Plans
  • Single-line Magenta Plans
  • Mobile internet Plans
  • Tax included plan
  • Prepaid plans.

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How To Activate Netflix With T-Mobile

After signing up for your T-Mobile plan, now, you have to activate your subscription. First, you need to remember a few things. You will need to ensure that you have a T-Mobile ID with primary account holder permission set up.

Make sure that you are on an eligible plan. If you have an existing Netflix account then log out. To activate the plan for your T-Mobile, follow the given steps.

  • Log in with your T-Mobile credentials and select the Accounts tab at the top.
  • Select Add-Ons from any line on your account and choose Manage Data & Add-Ons.
  • Scroll down to the Services option and choose your desired subscription.
  • Click on the Continue option and mark agree to the following notification.
  • Review the summary of your selected plan and click on Agree & submit.
  • Select Go to Netflix and login to your Netflix account.
  • Confirm your new plan for Netflix and click on Continue.
  • Select Start Watching to enter your free Netflix account.

If you are using a computer to stream your Netflix, just activate your new subscription from your web browser. It is easy to activate from the browser. Go ahead to the My T-Mobile page and do the:

  • Log in with your T-Mobile credentials and select View Details.
  • Click on Manage Add-Ons under the Active Add-Ons.
  • Scroll down and select the subscription that you want to wish for.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, you understand how to get Netflix for free on your T-Mobile. So just enjoy your favorite streaming content on Netflix for free.

You can add, change, upgrade or remove Netflix on Us. If you cancel your T-Mobile account, you will lose your Netflix benefit immediately.

If you have any queries related to T-Mobile or Netflix then feel free to comment in the comment section. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
Thank you for your quality time on this article.

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