Blue Heart Emoji πŸ’™ Mean? Meaning Of Sending Colour Hearts

What Does Blue heart Mean
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When you are getting Blue Heart emoji πŸ’™ from someone it represents their excitement, love, admiration, and support for you. The Blue heart emoji reflect your deep emotions and feeling toward the person you are sending it.

What Does πŸ’™ Blue heart Mean, when a girl is sending it

Well, You are a lucky guy if a girl is sending a blue heart emoji your way. Which simply shows how deep and stable your love is for her.

But on the other hand, youngsters believe that if they receive a blue heart from the girl symbolizes that she is pushing you into a friend zone.

Just like flowers have a different meaning concerning their color. Likewise, different color heart emojis convey different meanings too.

To Whom Girls Send Blueheart?

It is said that girls send blue hearts to those who spark up their tired hearts. They do a lot of special things that mean a lot.

To the one who makes you smile the whole day, to the last person you think of before going off to sleep, to the one whom you want nothing more than to be happy every day.

The blue heart emoji is reserved for the person who has a special place in your heart.

The other best alternative is to use the red heart emoji, it is usually used over text and on social media when you have entered into the friend zone with a girl.

What Does a Blue Heart Represent?

Blue heart Meaning

The blue heart emoji represents love and attraction between two individuals, just a friendly bond instead of a romantic one. The Blue heart emoji is very identically used to the red heart in the digital world. It conveys a wide range of feeling like love, affection, and care. Moreover, it can be used to symbolize the connection toward the blue color.

Though this can not be the formal definition of Blue Heart emoji-like mostly defined in the dictionary. But, it is rather an informal emoji that we hope to clarify the meaning and usage of blue heart which might help the users to expand their knowledge.

Origination of πŸ’™ Blue heart

The blue heart πŸ’™ was originally accepted under Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010. Followed by many other colored hearts such as Red Heart β™₯, Green Heart πŸ’š , Yellow Heart πŸ’›, and Black Heart πŸ–€. All these hearts symbolizes various other feelings.

Though the aspects of the πŸ’™ slightly vary from platform to platform it conveys the same feeling through every platform.

Different Colors of Heart and what does the mean

What does a White Heart 🀍 mean?

White heart Meaning

The newest addition in the heart section, the white heart looks minimal, clean and, of course, seems barren just because of its white color. The context is everything, as always. Just like an incident happened which supports the issue around black lives matter.

Best for supporting those who lost a loved one. Or to condole. An interesting fact about white emoji is that someone had requested a white heart emoji, and the decision and got accepted by the decision board. Yes, This happened! So that’s how White Heart came into existence.

What does a Red Heart β™₯ mean?

Red heart Meaning

Who isn’t aware of Red Heart? A red heart symbolizes a good feeling, unconditional love, friendship, and passion. You can’t generally miss this one. Every internet user is seen using red heart freely on social media handles for their loved one.

But you are always paying attention that you don’t use a Red Heart emoji while texting your boss, or the ones who are married. You could send the wrong message.

What does a Orange Heart 🧑 mean?

Orange heart Meaning

The orange heart symbolizes friendship and care. So what do you think of an orange? It’s used for color therapy that represents happiness, creativity, joy, and encouragement. It’s all about good friends.

Orange has always been a warm color, but not as lively as red. So, sending an orange heart emoji means β€œI like you deeply as a friend” Many of the users call it a friend zone.

What does a Yellow Heart πŸ’› mean?

Yellow heart Meaning

If you are sending a yellow heart emoji it means that you appreciate his/her friendship so much and the friendship brings you a lot of joy. Yellow is fresh and bright that makes us believe in optimism, energy, and sunshine.

You can use the Yellow Heart emoji for friends and for anyone who makes you happy. There is never a bad time to use Yellow Heart and can make someone’s day if they received one.

What does a Green Heart πŸ’š mean?

Green heart Meaning

The Green Heart πŸ’š is used to express that you like something on someone without making it too serious just like the red heart does. Also, it is mostly used when we thank someone.

Symbolizes renewal, nature, and harmony. This green heart sometimes brings the big green monster in you, when you are angry. Also means possessiveness and jealousy.

What does a Black Heart πŸ–€ Mean?

Black heart Meaning

The Black Heart emoji refers to morbidity, dark humor, and sorrow. The color black symbolizes rebellion, mystery, and elegance. You can use a black heart emoji when something bad happens and you can’t laugh at something, you send the black heart πŸ–€ emoji.

In other words, a black heart symbolizes something evil or fundamentally corrupt. For someone, it might be perfect when you are sitting inside and feeling misunderstood on a rainy night or you simply like sad stuff.

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In conclusion, The world is moving in a way that is too fast for many of us to comprehend. Using emojis is helping us become more efficient and specific regarding digital communication. Both men and women provide great responses regarding what type of heart emoji they like respectively.

Furthermore, the Heart emoji helps in expressing emotions in situations where it’s hard to find the correct word in such a way that will allow the recipient to understand the right intention.

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