How To Find My Business On Google?

Sometimes you may not able to access your Google My Business Profile if it was not created by yourself. If that is the case, then you will need to request access from the profile owner. Once you’ve set up a Google My Business listing, you’ll be able to generate a link or URL for sharing reviews, linking to directions, and building links to your profile.

It will have some of the most common reasons why it’s not showing up, as well as we will see how to avoid them. So don’t worry about it.

If the Business Profile you created doesn’t show up on Google Maps, Search, or other Google properties, you might need to take more steps. Here are some ways or tricks to try to fix the problem. In this article, we will help those who are trying to find their business on Google and want to avoid some of the major problems.

There could be many reasons why your business isn’t showing up in Google searches. Many times the information you put is not appropriate or the business you searched is not verified yet. Whatever the reason may be, we will try to find out the ways how to get your business on Google searches. So, stick to the guide and find out more about it.

If the Google Business Profile you created doesn’t show up on Google Maps, Searches, or other Google properties, then you might need to take some steps.

Still, if you can’t find a business on Google then try these to fix the problem.

Maybe your business isn’t verified yet. And the business information you provided is not eligible to display on Google until you verify your Business Profile. First, check your verification status.

1. You recently added or edited your business information

Google search results are based on algorithms that take a wide range of factors into account. When you edit your business information, it might change the search results, and edits may take up to 3 days to appear. If you search for your business by name, you should still be able to find it on Google Maps.

2. Make sure that you are using the business name correctly

Make sure the business name you searched for is the same one that you have entered into the Google search bar. If it is not, then try searching for the correct one. It could be a slight spelling mistake or entirely another location.

3. Make sure that your location is showing up on Google Maps

First, check to see if your physical address is near your listing on places or maps. If it doesn’t show up, then there may be a problem with its location or some other issue stopping from appearing it.

Check it properly to make sure that it has been approved and has a physical address set in its information section.

4. Make sure that your website has a consistent URL and Contact Information

Google has a tendency to reject listings from websites with inconsistent URLs. Make sure you keep the same URL for your website and make sure that it has an easily readable phone number as well as a contact address.

5. Make sure that you have Verified your Business on Google

Make sure that your business has an optimal image that is visible to users who are not logged into the Google search bar on their web browsers.

If your business doesn’t have a high-quality and optimized profile picture, then you can upload one. For this, Click the “About” tab and then Click on “Upload a logo.” By doing this the users will get a quick impression of what you do and how they can reach you.

6. Check the Spelling of your Keywords is correct or not.

Sometimes businesses won’t show up in search results if the name entered is not spelled correctly. If you are sure that you have entered your business name correctly, then try typing in a keyword.

For example, if you run a restaurant called “Hungry for Wings,” but you enter keywords like “American food” or “Wings.” You may need to type in multiple terms until your business shows up in search results.

7. Most important, Check to make sure that your website is not blocked

Google blocks websites that are known for having too much spam or pornography on them. This can be especially true for blogs or other websites that contain forums and news within them.

If your business website is a blog or forum, it’s possible that Google may not be able to list it on their maps. If you suspect that this could be the case, simply remove the spam from your website and Google should begin to list it again in search results.

How To Find Business Information Live On Google?

Find business live information on Google

Find your profile through these steps:-

  • Go to Google Search, and Search for “My Business.”
  • On Google Search or Maps, search for your business name and city.
  • In your Google Maps app, at the top right, tap your profile photo or initial Your Business Profile.
  • If needed, select View profile to manage your Business Profile.

In Summary

Business owners with WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix sites need to learn about SEO and improve their online presence.

63% of Americans access the mobile Web each day, and that number is rising. Businesses should follow the above steps and have the best chance of appearing in Google Maps or Search results.

However, If you’re still unable to find your business after completing these steps, let us know in the comment section and we’ll try to solve your problem.

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Tip: If you are still confused then you can get help from the Google business profile community.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I get my business on Google search?

You can add your business in 3 ways, First, Enter your address in the search bar. On the left, in the Business Profile, click Add your business. Right-click anywhere on the map. Then, click Add your business. In the top left, click Menu. Add your business.

How do I know if my business is verified on Google or not?

To check if Google my Business is verified or not, visit the Verification Status Checker page and sign in using the email address associated with your Google My Business account.

How long does it take Google to approve a business account?

It usually takes up to 10 minutes to be reviewed. Sometimes, the pending edits may take up to 30 days for review. If you believe your business information on Google is incorrect, contact Google Business Profile Help Center.

Why my business is not showing in Google searches?

A common reason why your Google My Business listing may not be showing up in search results is that you haven’t gone through the verification process yet. When creating your listing, or claiming an existing one it is important to validate it.

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