How To Find My Business On Google?

Find My Business On Google
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Many times, you search for your business on Google properties such as Google Maps, Google Search, places, and are unable to find it on. Well, Don’t worry! Because This article is going to advise you on how you can find your business on Google. It will go over some of the most common reasons why it’s not showing up, as well as ways to avoid them!

First, we’ll go over what the most common issues are and why your business isn’t appearing in search results. The guide will then discuss some solutions for fixing these issues.  This article should help you get started with finding your own small business that’s not showing up in search results!

Here is a brief overview of the post: “This article will help those who are trying to find their business on Google and want to avoid some of the major problems.”.

There could be a variety of reasons why your business isn’t showing up in Google searches. Manier times the information you put in is not appropriate or the business you searched for is not verified yet. Whatever the reason be, there are ways to find out your business on Google. So, stick to the guide and find out more about it.

Things to do if your business isn’t appearing on Google properties

If nothing is working for you and your business still isn’t showing up in search results, then there are some things you can try:

1. Make sure that you are using the business name for the correct place

Make sure the business name you searched for is the same one that you have entered into Google local. If it is not, try searching for the correct one. It could be a slight misspelling or another location entirely!

2. Make sure that your location is showing up on Google Maps

To do this, check to see if your physical address is near your listing on places/maps. If it doesn’t show up, there may be a problem with its location or some other issue stopping it from appearing.

Check to make sure that it has been approved and has a physical address set in its information section.

3. Make sure that your website has a consistent URL and contact info

Google has a tendency to reject listings from websites with inconsistent URLs. Make sure you keep the same URL for your website and make sure that it has an easily readable phone number as well as a contact address.

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4. Make sure that you have verified your business in Google

It takes a few minutes, but it’s worth it. You can read the complete information here

Also, make sure that your business has an optimal image that is visible to users who aren’t logged into the Google Local service on their web browsers. If your business doesn’t have a high-quality and optimized profile picture, you may want to consider uploading one.

  • To begin with, click the “About” tab
  • And then click on “Upload a logo.”

This will help inform users of your local listing by giving them a quick impression of what you do and how they can reach you.

5. Check the spelling of your keywords

Generally, businesses don’t show up in search results if the name entered is not spelled correctly.

If you are sure that you have entered your business name correctly, then try typing in a keyword.

For example, if you run a restaurant called “Hungry for Wings,” enter keywords like “American food” or “wings.” You may need to type in multiple terms until your business shows up.

6. Check to make sure that your website isn’t blocked 

Google has been known to block websites that are known for having too much spam or pornography on them. This can be especially true for blogs or other websites that contain forums and news within them.

As a result, if your business website is a blog or forum, it’s possible that Google may not be able to list it on their maps. If you suspect that this could be the case, simply remove the spam from your website and Google should begin to list it again in search results.

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How To Find business information live on Google?

Find business live information on Google
  • Login to your Google My business profile.
  • Go to the menu and click on Info.
  • Now you can see some links under “Your business is live on Google”
  • Click any of these links “Go to your profile on Google Search” or “Go to your profile on Google Maps” to check your business appearence.

Tip: If you are still confused then you can get help from the Google business profile community.

In sum

Businesses that follow these steps will have the best chance of appearing in Google Maps or search results. However, If you’re still unable to find your business after completing these steps, let us know in the comment section and we’ll try to provide solutions to fix it.

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