How To Get HBO Max on Roku?

How To Get HBO Max on Roku
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The only hurdle that was the reason HBO Max was getting fewer subscribers is that until December 17 2020 users could not stream HBO Max on their Roku streaming device. But now you can get HBO Max on Roku.

HBO Max has been recently introduced to all of us this May 2020. It has been a very powerful streaming network for years now. HBO use to own many versions of it like HBO now, HBO Go, etc. But now they have launched HBO Max.

Why everyone wants HBO Max on Roku

HBO Max offers much more than HBO. HBO Max offers the HBO standard offerings, HBO Max originals, and has recently added Warner media properties. It hasn’t included all of the collections from Warner Media properties, but selected content has been picked up and is now available for you to watch.

The content includes the content from CNN, the Criterion collection films, dc comics, tbs, TNT, and the cartoon network. Whereas in HBO you can only stream HBO standard offerings. The HBO Max included more than 200 television shows, 800 more movies than the regular HBO.

Because of all these reasons HBO Max is one of the most used streaming networks and has been standing its way out from other streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

As we all know, now you can get HBO Max on Roku. And the good news is that you could get HBO Max before the debut of the film ”Wonder Woman: 1984”. The movie was about to be released on Christmas day. For enjoying these entertainment services you have to subscribe to HBO Max which will be $14.99 each month.

You could have saved around $20 if you have subscribed to HBO Max between December 3, 2020, and January 31, 2021. This is because at that time there was 20% off on membership if you prepay for 6 months. Which will make your subscription amount around $12 each month for those 6 months.

Do not pay for HBO Max if earlier you had HBO for HBO now as a part of your cable or satellite services. As you can get it HBO Max for free. All you have to do is upgrade your HBO Max.

How to get HBO Max on Roku?

After the agreement between Roku and Warner media. It has been beneficial for both of them. Now we will see how to get HBO Max on Roku. It’s not a troublesome process to watch HBO Max, instead, it is very simple. You have to simply download the HBO Max application like you download other apps on Roku.

If you don’t know how to install HBO Max, do so follow the steps shown below:

Important: You have to sign up for an HBO Max account before adding HBO Max app on Roku.

sign up for HBO Max account

If you need to subscribe to HBO Max

If you have not subscribed to HBO Max up till now you can register it and pay for HBO Max by directly using Roku. Roku gives you the option toupee for HBO Max by using Roku pay. You can manage all your subscriptions under one place if you use Roku pay.

Another option that you have if you haven’t subscribed to HBO Max is to subscribe to it before using it on Roku. Go to HBO Max and hit the subscribe now button.

Follow all the on-screen instructions to sign up for the HBO Max account. You have to pay $14.99 to get your subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

If you have subscribed to HBO Max:

  • Open the homepage on Roku and go to streaming channels.
go to streaming channels
  • From the channel Store choose ‘new and notable’ or ‘movies and TV’.
  • Locate the HBO Max and hit add the channel. this will pin HBO Max to your homepage.
  • After the app is successfully installed, select ok.
  • Now press the home button.
  • Open the HBO Max and enter your HBO Max account details to log in.
for HBO Max account
  • The HBO Max will be available in your list of channels. Now you can play it whenever you want.

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How to Update HBO Max?

There is good news for you if you have the old version of HBO. You don’t have to spend more money, all you have to do is update your HBO. If you had HBO or HBO now earlier it would have been automatically updated to HBO Max.

If it hasn’t been automatically updated you can follow the steps shown below to do it manually.

  • Select the HBO app and hit the star key on your Roku remote.
hit the star key on your Roku remote
  • Select the “check for updates” option.
  • Now the HBO icon should be upgraded to the HBO Max icon.

In the end:

Now you can successfully watch HBO Max on your Roku device. The agreement between Warner media and HBO Max has been beneficial for both of them.

In short, now you can watch HBO Max on Roku both HBO Max and Roku are becoming user’s favorite combinations for streaming endless entertaining media. Hope you found the article useful.

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