The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

How to Search multiple Hashtag on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over one billion active users. One of the key features of Instagram is hashtags, which are words or phrases preceded by the pound sign (#) that help users discover and organize content. Hashtags allow users to find content related to their interests, follow specific topics, and connect with like-minded people.

However, searching for multiple hashtags on Instagram can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you’re trying to find specific content. In this article, we’ll show you how to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram efficiently and effectively, so you can easily find the content you’re looking for.

Instagram keeps coming up with new updates every other day. Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing app to a business-growing app. Now you can do business through Instagram. At present days Instagram is the most usable app on social media because it has a lot of features. One of its features is Hashtag.

When we post photos, videos, or anything on Instagram we must use tags to reach a large audience. Hashtags are mainly used for the reels to search with multiple hashtags.

But you need to have knowledge of which hashtags to use to get your content or post trending. Now Instagram has come up with a new update to search for multiple hashtag features.

Why do we need to add Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

Earlier, Instagram had a feature to search for single hashtags, but with the new update, you can search multiple hashtags with one click.

Hashtags are prefixed keywords by a hash (#) that you can attach with your post to make them more searchable or reach out to a lot of people.

When many people use the same hashtag at a time, it will become trending on Instagram. People use hashtags to search for related posts tagged with them.

If you enter any hashtags on the search box, all the related hashtags posted are displayed in the result. Thus we should use correct hashtags that increase the visibility of our post.

Remember that the more popular hashtags are, the more visibility you will get on your post. That’s why people use multiple hashtags on Instagram and this is why Instagram introduced a multiple hashtags feature to search for trending posts.

How to search for Multiple Hashtag on Instagram

Multiple Hashtag on Instagram

1. Head Over to Google Search Engine

To search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram, go to the search box and enter the multiple hashtags you wish to search for. Remember that they are prefixed by hash (#) and separated by space. (Type #tag1 #tag2 #tag3 on the search bar and hit the enter button)

Now, you can see the search any or search all options. Search any option means that hashtags are entered in the search box, all the posts containing that hashtags only one of them is listed in the search.

While search all option means that only those posts will be listed that contain all the hashtags entered in the search box.

You can search both options, but you should explore any because all posts contain any of the search hashtags that will be displayed in the search results.

2. Using Third-Party Tools

You can also use Third-Party social media tools like Brand24 if you can’t use them via Instagram.

You can do it by:

  • Open the Brand24 Media Monitoring tool.
  • Tap on the product and tap on the hashtag search.
  • Create a new account by sign-up.
BRAND24-Sign Up
  • Enter multiple hashtags that you wish to search.
  • Select the language and go to the create project button.
  • Now, the tool will start collecting Hashtags results from Instagram.
  • To see the results, you need to connect Instagram with Brand24.
  • Tap on the Activate button.
  • Connect your Facebook by clicking on the Manage Facebook/Instagram connection.
  • Now, go back to your project and the tool will display all posts of a given hashtag.


How do you search for more than one tag?

You can search for more than one tag by using the AND between each tag.

How can I search multiple hashtags on Instagram for free?

You can search by going to Google. Enter the site, and type the hashtag that you want. There is a list of posts related to hashtags.

You can also use Third-Party social media sites. There are many sites that allow you to search for Instagram by hashtag.

How can we do an advanced search on Instagram?

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the search box.
  • Tap on three dots from the top left corner.
  • Select Advanced Search.
  • You can see the results by people, places, hashtags, and posts.

How do we add more than one Hashtag sticker on Instagram?

  • Open the sticker tray by clicking on the smiley face icon from the upper right corner.
  • Now, select the hashtag sticker that you want to use.
  • Drag the sticker where you want to put it.
  • Repeat again if you want to add more stickers.

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Final Words

In conclusion, searching for multiple hashtags on Instagram can be a powerful tool for discovering new content and reaching a wider audience. By using a combination of broad and specific hashtags, users can find relevant posts and engage with others in their niche or industry.

Using Instagram’s built-in search function, as well as third-party tools like Brand24 can make the process of searching for multiple hashtags even easier and more efficient. By following these tips and experimenting with different hashtags, you can reach a lot of audiences and make your post trendy.

I hope you understand the process and will make your post more searchable with the help of Hashtags. So enjoy your Instagram hashtags with your trendy post.

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