How to See Your Old Usernames On Instagram?

old username on Instagram

If you’re curious about your previous usernames on Instagram, you can easily access them through the app’s settings. In today’s article, we will be looking at different ways in which you could check out your old usernames easily.

And the username is something that your friends or any strangers see first. A username helps people to find you. Maybe at some point, you have used a too-cheeky and unique username that becomes a laughing stock for others. And you have to change it to make your Instagram profile more attractive.

After a few years, you have forgotten about the username. Now you want to see what name you initially used for your account. So how should you look for it?

Here are the different ways in which you can take a look at your old Instagram usernames.

Ways To See Your Old Instagram Usernames

Looking at it or searching for your old Instagram usernames is quite manageable. Just follow these ways and you would be good to go.

Technique 1 via Your Activity Option

Instagram username via your activity
  • Open your Instagram account. If not logged in, enter your login details.
  • Then at the bottom of your screen click on the profile icon given.
  • After that on the left-hand side, there would be three horizontal lines (☰) click on them.
  • After that scroll down and click the Account History option.
  • Under that, you will see the bunch of details you have made since your account was created.

This way you can view everything from stores, captions, images, and usernames. How many times and even the year you have changed would be shown.

Do check it out. Now let us look at the other ways in which you can view old Instagram usernames.

Technique 2 – View someone else Instagram username

instagram username via someone esle

Are you curious about how you can view some other person other than your old Instagram usernames?

Then my Friend there is one way in which you could see.

But in this, you have one drawback. You can only view or spy on your old usernames if their account is public.

If their account is private then there is no way you can view their old account.

So let us look at how you can view old Instagram usernames if the account is public.

  • First, go to the account which you want to view and make sure it is also public.
  • Then at the right-hand top of your screen click on the three vertical dots (⋮)
  • Under that, you would get a bunch of options now select About this about. As per Instagram guidelines, you would get a list of the account. Like date joined and many more in that click on Former username.

Now you can see how many times that account has changed its usernames or whether you changed it or not.

Technique 3 – Old Usernames on Instagram Via Other Devices

You can view your or other people’s Instagram old usernames on your other devices except for your phone.

  • To do this, open up your Instagram on your respective browser.
  • Now click on your profile icon.
  • Now click on the setting option we are given on the right-hand side of the top.
  • Under that click on Privacy and Security.
  • Now click on Account Data and then View Account Data.
  • Now click on Profile info and then select View all under.
  • Now go and select Former usernames.

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Final thoughts

If you want to see or look for your old Instagram usernames. Then it is quite manageable to do it.

In this article, we have explained 3 different ways in which you could find out your and your friend’s old Instagram usernames.

But remember you can only view your friends’ old Instagram usernames if their account is public.

Hope this article was able to clear up all of your queries. If you still have any doubts then feel free to reach out in the comment section.


Can I check my friend’s old Instagram usernames?

No, you cannot. If your friend account is set to public then you would be able to view the number of times they have to change their usernames.

And if you somehow do it then that would be illegal.

If I change my username would my photos posted be deleted or altered?

No, there would be no change in your posts or stories.

If I change my username would my previous tag be deleted?

No, it wouldn’t, the photo would be there even with your old username tag it would be there too. Your previous username would be taken over by your new username.

Is there any limit on several times you could change your username on Instagram?

No, there is no limit on the number of times you could change your username. You could change it as many times as you want to change.

Will Instagram send a notification to my followers about my username change?

No, Instagram does not share details or changes you have done to your account.

Can I go back to my old username on Instagram?

Yes, you can. Only under certain scenarios. If your username is not taken by another user. Another thing to keep in mind if your account has a lot of followers then Instagram would review your changes. Then only your new username would be able to be used.

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